Photo Diary: Baguio Experience 2015

DAY 1 After long hours of being stuck in traffic in EDSA and the travel time from Batangas to Baguio, Session Road kainan agad-aga...


After long hours of being stuck in traffic in EDSA and the travel time from Batangas to Baguio, Session Road kainan agad-agad. Heavy rain and cold breeze welcomed us in Baguio City. 
One thing that I will not ever forget about Baguio are the trees, It feel so great to see so much greens. By just standing and staring at the trees, I can feel myself rejuvenated from all the stress and heat I had in Batangas. I feel like I want to live there for good.
 I feel like I'm actually being nostalgic of every memory by going up and down our cottage from Abada Hall and Benitez Hall by making this blog post. 
this, I miss most! Our wake up call, kapag dumaan ang strawberry taho, gigising na kami. 
First session for NRYLI, I was still tired of the long travel. I was sleepingwith my eyes open. My body was sleeping and at the same time trying to listen, tapos biglang nagsharing and groupings. I was like, "what am I saying?" (buti na lang I pulled myself together by listening from all the sharing and I'm like "Yun nga. Bla Bla. ") All the talks were informative and moving even if I find it really hard to coordinate my eyes with the situation. I was part of the group cream team.( I thought it was white though) My groupmates were all great and intelligent. I mean they were all open for a good conversation, an intellectual one. The kind of conversation where you can share all your views about the candidates and about our country (also thoughts about the event ongoing, Hi Joeneff and Elordy!) I enjoy it because there were a good exchange of insights.
#obligatoryshot at the Benitez Hall.
Groupfie with roomies who actually helps me sleep every night and helped me setup my bed (I brought my own sheets and pillow case. akin lang yung may color pink and has flowers na sheets! OC much)


It was smart casual/ semi formal day. (It reminds me of Corporate Attire Wednesday sa school.) It was a day where we sauntered the whole Teacher's camp when the contests were ongoing. We had free time to go around after the actual opening of the 53rd NRYLI and had a whole afternoon of FUN practice with my Sayawitan Groupmates. (the last time I had that chill and relaxed practice was in High school) 3 hours of practice the whole production was already done. Hi Kabata ni Pepe!
Ang mga BIDA BIDA ng NRYLI! #newfriends
After the session in the evening, we sneaked out so we have a glimpse of Christmas Village before it closes at 9 pm. It was a cute and Instagram worthy place. (also a place to wash clothes?) Hahaha! The place smells like detergent, witty sila! The snow was actually made of bubbles and the snowman were made of perla, all the other ornaments were made of recycled stuff.
Kunwari totoo yung snow.
This was the cutest, the Christmas wishes wall! (but only children were allowed to make their wishes. I felt old.)
The best part of the night was eating street foods at night market rather than shopping, but there were so many great finds there, like 3 clothes for P20 and shoes for less than 300, but I was too tired to go around and the crowd was like a river of people, nakikisabay na lang ako sa agos.


More talks from well known people in different industries and field of work. The afternoon was filled with fun where we actually had a team building with our group mates. We aced some and the others, we just joked around like this strings game. Uggh, hard! I didn't even know why we won 3rd place. Hahaha! still! congrats cream team!
In the Evening, the most awaited Sayawitan. We interpreted the song, "Ako ay Pilipino" sung by our bunso in the group, Jazz. (syempre bida bida kami!)
Our favorite tambayan place, planning where to go that evening and the next day. haha! 
So yeaah, 50's diner! Lahat malalaki ang servings nakakatakot umorder!
Team JPIA!
After the big meal, we took a walk to the Haunted House in the horror movie, "White House"and went again to the Night Market. 


Kaps since 2011.
artsy artsy day at Ben Cab Museum. I finally applied all the things I've learned in Artsocs (partly, yes? Hi Sir Joms!)
Hahaha! Hi GF! Thanks for all the Photos and everything!! love you!
Then we head straight to Lourdes Grotto. I remembered when I was young and when we use to go to Baguio, this place will always be our first stop and make a wish when we reach the top. (Miss you, Mom!)
Closing Ceremony feels like "Not Yet! I don't want to go back to Batangas yet!".  It feels like this day palang nag-peak yung friendship, tapos diretsyong ending na kaagad. nakakabitin!
This was unexpected, plus the Special Award I have received! was it even real?


Oh ha! Champs!
Palengke in Baguio? I only brought 700 and I bought a sack full of vegetables and Baguio Goods for Pasalubong

Back to reality tomorrow! Carpe Noctem, crammers!

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