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Now, it's the perfect time to show him your love this coming Father's Day. After all, your #1 superhero surely deserves some treat! For this month of June, the world's famous flip-flops brand, 

Havaianas, is one with you in celebrating dad's special day. This month's collection (My Dad, My Superhero!) is for the kids, young at heart and comic aficionados.

It's the return of our favorite superheroes, not at the movie screens just yet but right on the soles of
your Havaianas! Available in 3 colors each, the Havaianas Heroes is inspired by the classic Batman and Superman comic books while the Havaianas Kids Max Heroes is more modern and futuristic with its twotone sole and contrast logo.

How awesome would that be if 2 Superheroes are ready to save the city in just one go? Well, don't miss the chance to play dress-up, Havaianas style and find matching pairs for you and your dad for a limited period of time!*Get the Havaianas Heroes and Kids Max OR Babies Heroes bundle for a special price of Php 1,995 from June 12 - 30, 2015. For information on participating outlets, follow HavaianasPhilippines on Facebook and @havaianasphils on Twitter and Instagram.

Get this awesome pairs from Havaianas today! have a Flip-Flops Father's Day!
Carpe Diem! 

Romper: Pink Manila (Greenhills theatre)
Shoes: @Clickchictowear
Being 18 is way too different than before. I exercise that freedom that I never had back in my childhood. I had to decide on my own, but a mature way of deciding where I am able to weigh opportunity costs of choices. I am able to do everything alone. I am to explore everything about this world more. The more experience, the more learning and knowledge I earn. The worse thing that I could do to myself is to confine myself within the walls of my room, within the corners of the books, because beyond that is a world wider than any others understanding. This is what freedom is to me, now. I always remember my prof's words: "Meanings are in People not in Words".  So, now I will be blogging words and its meaning to me. :) 
Thanks Princess Gutierrez for the Photos.  Taken in Blu Roze Farm, Lodlod, Lipa City
This day (May 6. 2015) I helped out a friend, Mae Fajardo, with her predebut shoot, together with Princess Gutierrez for the video shots. Yours truly for the edit, thanks to my blackberry10, very useful tool. Happy Birthday Mae! 

Carpe Diem! What do you think of #StyleParagon?

A little information for the 10th Anniversary and the acitivities that will happen in #MYOHLIPA2015  starting from May 6-10. :) 
You can create Havaianas in Classic soles and thick straps. I chose the Classic pairs of Havaianas too.
For the Ladies, You can also pick slim sole and slim strap. 
I was about to pick that of the commemorative pair, but they don't have size for me. :( But this sole is really cool and very pretty. They also have this in slim pairs. (they have 5-6 and 7-8 only)
If you're the one who likes fun and vibrant colors,You can try mixing two contrasting colors... and don't forget the Pin! It will really enhance your pairs.
Just be yourself! Try experimenting a lot of colors and try to look for complimenting colors. Brght to dark. Dark to Dark. Light to light. Let the creativity out. Enjoy! 
if only I could make as many pair as I can. I will be trying all this pair combinations! :)

Aloha guys! Make Your Own Havaianas in SM Lipa will only be until 10th of May! Don't miss the opportunity that it came this near to us. Before, I spotted MYOH only in Glorrietta. Now, its here locale. I hope this post helped you out in planning out which color of soles matches the color of the strap. Visit the All Flip-Flops in SM Lipa now, before it's too late! :)


It's Havaianas' 10th year of  #MYOH. It will be coming to us here in SM Lipa starting this May 7. You better not let this opportunity pass, because it's the first time to bring it here in batangas. I'm very much excited to do my own pair, because it will be my first time also. I hope you are excited too. 
I attended a double launching of two stores in SM Lipa. The launch of MYOH to Media held in Bigg's Diner. At the same time, Bigg's Diner launches its Hot Legs! 
We had lunch together with Bigg's serving us their sizzling beef tenderloin. 
Nothing beats the sun, but these chicken legs are #HotterThanEver. They serve this hot legs in three flavors: Spicy Paprika, Garlic Parmesan and New Yorker. They also had a promo from May until June 30 that if you have a single receipt worth 300 you would be able to have an entry for having an Apple watch. For more details, go to any Bigg's diner or Visit their Page. 
New found blogger friends with darell. (Paola, King and Dexter) 
With the marketing team of Havaianas Southern Luzon. (Miss Wenna, Miss Camille and Miss Rose)
Seeing this hawaian grass skirts and hoola-hoop pretty much reminds me of my childhood. Aw, I miss dancing Hawaian and tahitian with those leis and skirts on. My daring childhood days. Haha. This is what I remember whenever I see these ambassadors. 
This store would look extra special in the next few days for #MYOH2015.
These are the Ambassadors of Havaianas. I should be one of them, but my schedule became very extremely hard to handle because of schoolworks. Aww, i missed an experience, but still i will be there tomorrow for the first day of #MYOH. Hope to see you all tomorrow! I'll be around The store by around 5pm or late. By the way, i have 5 slots for a 15% discount on your personalized flip-flops. First 5 to message me will go with me tomorrow at SM Lipa Havs store for the discount. 
This is what we'll do! Create our own personalized flip-flops! :) 
Add additional pins and charms of your own choice. :) 

There are alot more excitement to happen on the 4 day long celebration of MYOH here in Lipa. I hope you all get to have an experience to create your own havaianas. For May 7, first 100 customers will receive a free jelly drink from Bigg's Diner. Be there! See you, Guys! Keep updated!