About Me

Rica is a 21 year old Accounting Technology student at De La Salle University - Lipa that tries to blog her endearing daily fashion posts to her personal and sovereign realizations about life. She correlates life to every photo and posts she blogs. She consider herself an apprentice in the world of blogging since she started in the mid of April 2013. She got inspired from the Top Bloggers by reading and and viewing their blogs. She blogs for the same reason with the other bloggers, It is to inspire

She graduated High school with such ample recognition because of her skills in performing, dancing and being active in and outside the school. Classical and Slow Music, her genre of music and dance, since she excel in slow, fine and meaningful body movements. She dances Philippine folk dances, other Country's folk dances, Avante Garde, Contemporary and Ballet. She has been dancing in the early age of 4. The Stage, Lights and enchanting the audience has been great part of her life. She's also a theater actor and has been included to such great numbers of dance showcases and stage plays. She is now a fulltime student leader, performer and an advocate for children's rights. 

Her motto "Everybody Started from No one to Somebody." She believes success is possible to anybody, just got to aim for it and work hard for it. She has been blessed with friends and family that has been her foundation of who she is now.