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Romper: Pink Manila (Greenhills theatre) Shoes:  @Clickchictowear Being 18 is way too different than before. I e...

Romper: Pink Manila (Greenhills theatre)
Shoes: @Clickchictowear
Being 18 is way too different than before. I exercise that freedom that I never had back in my childhood. I had to decide on my own, but a mature way of deciding where I am able to weigh opportunity costs of choices. I am able to do everything alone. I am to explore everything about this world more. The more experience, the more learning and knowledge I earn. The worse thing that I could do to myself is to confine myself within the walls of my room, within the corners of the books, because beyond that is a world wider than any others understanding. This is what freedom is to me, now. I always remember my prof's words: "Meanings are in People not in Words".  So, now I will be blogging words and its meaning to me. :) 
Thanks Princess Gutierrez for the Photos.  Taken in Blu Roze Farm, Lodlod, Lipa City
This day (May 6. 2015) I helped out a friend, Mae Fajardo, with her predebut shoot, together with Princess Gutierrez for the video shots. Yours truly for the edit, thanks to my blackberry10, very useful tool. Happy Birthday Mae! 

Carpe Diem! What do you think of #StyleParagon?

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  1. i so love your blog ate rica! :) you're so fab! :*

    1. Awww. Thank you so much bby! đŸ˜˜ love you!

  2. So lovely~~ love your romper!!

  3. nice post! kisses :)

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  5. Lovely playsuit dear!

    Thanks for passing by my blog :)

  6. Such a cute playsuit! Yay for being 18, enjoy the freedom :) xx